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🎓 Do you need a boost for the upcoming academic year? 🎓

Dive into a transformative learning experience this summer with IB Academy's Online Summer Courses, running from August 5 - 9August 12-16, August 19-23 and from August 26-30. Our 5-day online courses are designed to maximize the learning before the schoolyear starts, designed to strengthen core skills and lay a robust foundation for the upcoming academic year.

Our courses offer an engaging mix of in-depth revision of theory and IB-style questions. Each five-day session totals 15 hours of interactive classes, complemented by 10 hours of homework which is meticulously marked by our teachers. Individual 30 minute homework discussions ensure that each student assimilates their feedback, improving their understanding and confidence.

August 5 - 9 August 12 - 16 August 19 - 23 August 26 - 30
Biology SL / HL Math AI SL Math AA SL Chemistry SL / HL
Physics SL / HL
Math AA HL